MonthJune 2021

What Are Vertical Gardens?

Vertical garden is an excellent technique which is especially used to grow plants on the vertically shaped panel by using hydroponics. This kind of unique structure could be attached or freestanding to the wall. It is widely used in the ancient civilizations which can last for decades. Vertical garden is the wonderful alternative to potted plants in office space. The main advantage of the vertical garden is to placed anywhere and offer lush pop of the color to any environment. It is widely known by different names like live walls, living green walls and moss walls. It is placed in the major corporation headquarters, small residential backyard and hotel lobbies.

Significant importance of the vertical garden

There are different kinds of the vertical gardens available which includes:

  • Fence planters
  • Self watering
  • Stand alone planters
  • Small indoor gardens
  • Re use materials
  • Decorative

Vertical garden is not only making wonderful centerpiece for your interior space but also it helps to natural airflow for your environment. Majority of the office environment could be exposed lots of the harmful air chemicals like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. Fortunately, vertical garden might work like clean air system and provide excellent breathing atmosphere as well as healthier environment. As we know, plants are really beneficial to minimize the noise pollution which might make quieter environment to build occupants. It is space efficient which might fill up empty space on the wall. Now a day, most of the buildings around the world and country is having vertical garden which could be installed on the exteriors. There are awesome examples all over including at the offices of fuck in your city app, adultfriendfinder, apple, and many other commercial buildings. Exterior vertical garden might contain vines, moss, and other kinds of the plants. People are showing interest on green wall because it is free standing for outdoor or indoor use. It completely covers entire structure or enclosed in the shallow frame. Tiered garden is the narrow or long beds which could be arranged to look like staircase. Gutter garden could be made from the standard rain gutter. It could be arranged in rows or structured in the zig zag pattern. One of the best ways to make vertical garden is to use standard gardening pots. Succulents are gaining huge popularity among plant enthusiasts because it is space efficient, easy to maintain and colourful. You are advisable to do some research to find out the best vertical garden types for you. It is really beneficial to minimize the carbon footprint of the building by filtering carbon dioxide and pollutants out of air.

Top rated reasons to choose vertical garden

You can create the simple vertical garden by using mounted wall planters, hanging baskets or other upcycled objects. Green walls are really useful to clean the air and enhance air with the fresh oxygen which is produced by plants. Greenery in the office or interior environment is offering many advantages. It might provide enormous effect on enhancing look of your work environments. Seasonal plants, herbs or annuals might work in the style of vertical garden. Proper maintenance is required for vertical gardening systems.