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Urban Farming Explained

Urban farming, urban agriculture or urban gardening is the practice of processing, cultivating and distributing food around urban areas. It might involve aquaculture, animal husbandry, urban beekeeping and horticulture. It might reflect different levels of the social and economic development. The practice of the urban agriculture is gaining huge popularity in the urban areas around North America. There are tons of the benefits associated with the urban farming which includes

  • Maximize food security
  • Makes sense of belonging
  • Produce healthy foods that you can respect
  • Creates efficient use of the land
  • Offers learning opportunity

Everything to know about urban farming

With the help of urban farming, you can get healthier and fresher food, vegetables, fruits and herbs. It provides excellent opportunity for producing the own food as well as learn in the process. You can also learn about different kinds of the gardening techniques, controlling temperature, nutrient solutions and other things. It can cut down on significant amount of the fossil fuel consumption to package, transport and sell food. Actually, urban farmers could be tasked with finding innovative and creative solutions to deal with the challenges like space, waste, energy and resource. It brings people together with the food. If you are looking to lead happy and healthy life then urban farming is the best and finest choice.

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This kind of farming is able to influence the local economy. It is the best opportunity to food entrepreneurs and small business people for exploring urban farming as the new market to expand their business. At the same time, it could be the finest and perfect solution to underutilized and vacant scattered throughout cities. It is gaining access to the healthy, affordable and fresh to provide excellent opportunity to community for learning about the nutrition. Different kinds of the urban programs are available which can provide excellent hands on experience to grow food and learn about important of eating balanced and healthy diet. If you are using unique approaches then you can easily success on the urban farming. It might allow community members to know about how its grown and connect with people who grow it. As we know, industrial agriculture is the major source of the fossil fuel pollution. If you use urban farming then you can get fantastic numbers of the benefits. It is one of the best ways to minimize environmental impact of the agriculture.

Things to know about urban farming

Urban farmers might adopt environmental friendly growing practices. They can also use fewer chemical fertilizers and pesticides. As we know, gardens are really beneficial to make more than delicious and healthy food. Bringing nutritious food to the local community is offering many health benefits which includes minimize risk of the harmful conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and so on. At the same time, it provides amazing opportunity to make deeper connection to the agriculture. The connectedness and proximity might allow nutritious and fresh vegetables and fruits. It contributes to health of the city ecosystems in the unique ways.