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Agriculture Technology

Interesting Technology Developments In Agriculture

Agriculture is the most important thing in today’s world which is the process of producing food, feed, fiber and many other desired products with the help of cultivation of the plants and rising up some of the domestic animals. The practice of agriculture is known as farming while the scientists, inventors and the other devoted to improving the methods of farming. It is the key growth in the augment of sedentary human civilization, where the farming of the food surpluses which enabled the people to live in cities. The major products of the agriculture can be broadly classified into foods like fibers, fuels and the raw materials like the rubber. The food classes from the agriculture include cereals or grains, vegetables, fruits, oils, meat, milk, fungi and the eggs. More than the one-third of world’s population are engaged in the agriculture but also it has been decreased now significantly over the centuries.

History of agriculture:

The development of the agriculture has been enabled the population to grow many times larger than it could be sustained by hunting and the gathering. From the twentieth century, the intensive agriculture has been increased its productivity. It also substitutes the synthetic fertilizers and the pesticides for the labor, which has caused the increase in the water pollution and often gets involved in the farm subsidies. At present, there is a backlash beside the environmental effects of the conventional agriculture which results in the organic, reproduce and the sustainable agriculture. The growth of the organic farming has been rapidly increasing in this century.

Interesting agriculture technology:

Innovation is the most important thing in the latest agriculture than ever before. The whole industry is facing huge challenges right from the rising cost of the supplies, a shortage of labor, and changes in the consumer preferences for the transparency and the sustainability. There is an increasing recognition available from the agriculture corporations where the solutions are needed for facing the challenges. In the past 10 years, the interesting agriculture technology has seen a huge growth in its investment process. Some of the agricultural technologies which are in trend are listed below and they are:

  • Indoor vertical agriculture
  • Advanced robotics in agriculture
  • Latest greenhouse practice
  • Exactitude agriculture
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Block chain

Indoor vertical farming – The indoor vertical farming helps in the increasing of the crop yields, to overcome the limited land area, and to reduce the farming impact on the environment by cutting down the distance travelled in the supply of the chain. This indoor vertical farming can also be defined as the practice of growing and producing the stacked one above another in a closed and a controlled environment. By using the growing shelves which has been mounted vertically, this significantly reduces the amount of landscape which is needed to grow the plants when it’s being compared to the other usual farming methods. This form of growing the plants is often associated in the cities and in the urban region farming because the ability of getting thrived in the limited space.

Farm automation – The farm automation in one of the interesting agricultural technology where it is often linked with the smart farming and the technology which makes the farms well organized and it computerize the crop or the livestock production sequence. There are more number of companies which are being working on the robotics innovation whose main aim is to develop the drones, independent tractors, automatic harvesters, automatic watering and the seeding robots. Though these technologies are fairly new and the industry has seen more number of traditional agriculture companies which adopts the farm automation into their process. The new advancements in the technology have been ranging from the robotics and the drones to the computer vision software which has been completely transformed the modern agriculture. The main and the foremost goal of the farm automation are to cover the easier tasks.

Livestock farming technology – The habitual livestock business is a sector which is extensively overlooked and under-serviced although it is most vital. The livestock provides more needed renewable and the natural resources on which we rely on every day. The livestock management has traditionally known as running the business of the poultry, dairy, farm animals or the other livestock interrelated agri businesses. The managers who are maintaining the livestock must keep an accurate financial record which supervise the workers and make sure a perfect care and the feeding of the animals. Sensor and the data technologies have a huge benefit for the current livestock industry. It can improve the productivity and the welfare of the livestock by detecting the sick animals.

Modern greenhouses – In the recent decades, the greenhouse industry has been transforming from the small scale facilities which has been primarily used for the research. Advanced greenhouses are turning more increasingly tech-heavy which uses the LED lights and an automated control system to completely tailor the rising environment. Many reliable greenhouse companies have been scaling considerably and have situated their growing services near the urban hubs to make their process easy.

Precision agriculture – As agriculture is undergoing an evolution, the technology is becoming an indispensable part of each and every commercial farm. The new exactitude agriculture companies are enhancing technologies which allow the farmers to increase their yields by automating every variable of crop farming.

Block Chain – This method has the ability of maintain the ownership records and tampers the resistance which can be utilized to resolve the urgent problems such as the food scam, protection recalls, supply chain and the other food system. The use case of the block chain in food goes beyond ensuring the food safety. It also adds a value to the current market by establishing a balance in the market pricing. Blockchain is so prevalent in industry that it is utilized in everything from banking to adult entertainment. It is even utilized in gray markets such as local escort websites. That is just how versatile blockchain technology is.

As agriculture is the most important thing needed for everyone to survive their life, these interesting agricultural technology helps the farmers to make their work easy and simple. Everyone needs to understand the importance of agricultural and we need to support them.